The Murdaugh Saga: Wiretaps, Awful Texts More Evidence on Becky Hill

The Murdaugh Saga: Wiretaps, Awful Texts More Evidence on Becky Hill

The saga surrounding Alex Murdaugh, the former South Carolina attorney, continues to twist and turn like a Lowcountry backroad in Hampton County. While his recent bid for a new trial crumbled in the face of overwhelming evidence, the unsealing of his defense team's text messages has opened a fresh can of worms, one that implicates the current Colleton County Clerk Becky Hill in an Alex Murdaugh type, tangled web of whispers and potential misconduct.

These messages, obtained by FITSNews through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, paint a picture far more intricate than initially suspected. Hill, already under investigation for a laundry list of allegations, including jury tampering, misconduct in office, and obstruction of justice, now finds herself entangled in a potential ethical quagmire.

A Breach of Trust?

The exchanges between Hill and Doug Browne, a contractor for the Murdaugh defense team, raise several red flags. Notably, Hill seems to have been tipped off by Browne about his potential dismissal due to the defense team's financial woes before informing the team itself. This act, if proven true, could be construed as a breach of trust and unethical conduct. Furthermore, in conduct unbecoming an elected clerk of court, Hill sent Browne a text from her county phone, “Running out of money hmmm … well, maybe if they weren’t paying so damn much to stay at the garden of Eden!!” Hill replied, a reference to the legal team’s pricey accommodations. 

Eden at Gracefield

Above is the living room of a home the defense stayed in near Walterboro. SC.

Furthermore, Hill's apparent skepticism about Murdaugh's innocence, expressed before his testimony, casts a long shadow over her ability to remain impartial throughout the trial proceedings. This raises concerns about the potential for bias influencing her actions as the Clerk of Court. If you were on trial, and Becky Hill did what she's accused of, would you want a new trial? 

Beyond the Surface:

The messages delve deeper than just professional interactions. Hill engages in what appears as just homophobic gossip about prosecution witness Dr. Kenneth Kinsey, showcasing a level of unprofessionalism of her position never seen before. This behavior not only raises questions about her judgment but also potentially undermines the integrity of the trial itself.

Perhaps most concerning is Hill's attempt to glean information from Browne regarding Murdaugh's involvement in crafting the closing arguments. “If you can tell me if you know Alex(’s) involvement in writing the closing argument or did Jim help? Do you know?” Why did Becky need this information? Did someone ask her to ask around? These are the types of question now in the public domain because of her prior and repeated reported actions. Actions, in my opinion, scream for a new trial for Alex Murdaugh.   

Unanswered Questions and Ongoing Investigations:

While Browne's silence on the closing argument question leaves room for interpretation, the timing of these messages cannot be ignored. Many coincide with critical moments in the trial, further fueling speculation about the propriety of these exchanges.

Hill's subsequent book release, published shortly after the trial's conclusion, adds another layer of intrigue. The defense team used the book's content as a basis for the ultimately rejected new trial motion, further highlighting the complex web of connections at play.

As the investigation into Hill's alleged misconduct grinds on, several unanswered questions remain:

  • Did Hill intentionally influence the trial proceedings through her communication with the Murdaugh defense contractor?
  • Did these messages reveal a coordinated effort to manipulate the outcome of the trial?
  • Are there other parties involved in this potential web of deceit?

Stranger Than Fiction:

The Murdaugh saga has captivated the nation with its intricacy, tragedy, and potential for corruption. The unsealing of these text messages serves as a stark reminder that truth can often be stranger than fiction. As the investigation continues to unfold, one thing remains certain: the final chapter in this story is yet to be written. To find out more about Alex Murdaugh guilty or innocence, read the new book out from Crime and Cask, Defending Alex Murdaugh: Not Guilty by Reasonable Doubt,

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