Buy an Autographed Book | Defending Alex Murdaugh, Not Guilty by Reasonable Doubt

Buy an Autographed Book | Defending Alex Murdaugh, Not Guilty by Reasonable Doubt

SHIPPING UPDATE: The first batch of signed books are due out Monday 10/23. If you ordered on or after 10/5, those will go out when Amazon delivers to me a 2nd batch on 10/28, shipping 10/29. Amazon's author copies are slow in printing and shipping, but I'm getting labels ready as fast as I can. 

Defending Alex Murdaugh, Not Guilty by Reasonable Doubt

All previously purchased signed copies should be mailed by Monday 10/23. Sorry for the delay, I ordered these the soonest day I could and this is when they'll arrive to me from Amazon. 


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The reviews are in and they're all 5 Star!

  • It’s an easy read, full of interesting facts (and even more interesting opinions) and photos for reference which I appreciated! It’s obvious how much work the writer put into this book and how much energy he has for figuring out this case. He’s a great writer, and his arguments will have you rethinking the evidence presented at the “trial of the century”. Buy it! - 
    Abigail Blair Clark
  • The evidence is broken down in easy to understand bits, then assembled back to the reader for that wow factor. Hate or love Alex, think he’s not guilty or guilty, this book is for you. My mind blown 🤯 about the theories of who did it and why. I couldn’t put it down. 
    Sawyer Black
  • A must read. Spot on and well written. I’ve followed this author on TikTok and agree 100% with his views, opinions, research and theories. 
  • FYI: I have a friend in New Zealand that I’ve been corresponding with for a while about the trial. She’s been adamant that AM is guilty. Convinced her to buy your book. …. She read it. Has now totally changed her mind. It’s going to be interesting to see how many “anti-AM’s” will admit that it’s not possible after reading the book. 🤔 S. Cannon from Twitter. 
  • Yes, I have heard of the book, Defending Alex Murdaugh, Not Guilty by Reasonable Doubt. It is a true crime book written by Crime and Cask, a pseudonym for a freelance investigative journalist. The book is about the trial of Alex Murdaugh, who was accused of murdering his wife and son in 2021.

    The book was released in October 2023 and quickly became a bestseller. It has been praised for its in-depth reporting and its unflinching look at the Murdaugh family and the South Carolina legal system.

    The book is a controversial one, as it takes a critical look at the prosecution's case against Murdaugh. The author argues that the prosecution did not have enough evidence to convict Murdaugh and that he was wrongfully convicted.

    The book has been met with mixed reviews. Some reviewers have praised the book for its well-researched and insightful look at the Murdaugh case. Others have criticized the book for being biased and for presenting a one-sided view of the case.

    Overall, Defending Alex Murdaugh, Not Guilty by Reasonable Doubt is a well-written and thought-provoking book that offers a unique perspective on the Murdaugh case. - Google's Bard.


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