Where are Becky Hill's Phones? The Missing Phones and More

Where are Becky Hill's Phones? The Missing Phones and More

In late November, FITSNews unveiled an extensive exposé delving into the ongoing investigation surrounding Becky Hill, the embattled Colleton County, South Carolina clerk of court. It was met with disbelief by some, and affirmation by many others. 

Highlighting two separate investigations by the S.C. State Ethics Commission (SCSEC) centered around Hill, the report, which was followed up with more in-depth coverage, exposed critical details, including her alleged involvement in her son Jeffrey "Colt" Hill's wiretapping arrest, where Becky Hill surrendered her phone to SLED upon a search warrant issuance.

The article linked Becky Hill to an inquiry into her son and implicated potential obstruction of justice charges against both of them in connection to a burgeoning wiretapping scandal investigated by the S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED).

The significance of Hill's story extends beyond her involvement in multiple scandals. It intersects with a jury tampering investigation, raising expectations for a potential retrial for convicted killer Alex Murdaugh. Hill's office oversaw the administration of Murdaugh's high-profile double homicide trial, and subsequent accusations of tampering emerged post-trial.

Accusations led by Murdaugh's attorneys implicated Hill in manipulating the jury against Murdaugh to promote her book, "Behind the Doors of Justice," which is at the center of one of the ethics complaints against her. Despite her denials, Hill faced allegations of plagiarism in her book, leading to its supposed removal from Amazon. To this day it is still available to purchase for a discounted rate of $19.79. 

A retrial hearing on the tampering allegations, presided over by former S.C. Chief Justice Jean Toal, looms. Yet, the investigation against Hill progresses, revealing disturbing details, including alleged evidence destruction and attempts to manipulate justice.

The focus has shifted to Hill's cell phone records and devices. Questions surround the whereabouts of a Samsung phone used during the Murdaugh trial, as investigators seek this crucial device. Conflicting reports emerge regarding the iPhone surrendered to SLED by Hill and the subsequent phone switches she initiated, raising suspicions of evasion and potential evidence tampering.

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Instances involving Jeffrey Hill, including the destruction of a Samsung phone, coincide with critical junctures in the investigation, hinting at a pattern of evasive actions. Moreover, reports suggest efforts to minimize links between Jeffrey Hill's wiretapping and the ethics inquiries surrounding his mother.

As investigations persist and criminal referrals loom, the attorney general's role remains pivotal, leaving the public awaiting potential developments that could unveil deeper layers of this intricate saga. The evolving inquiry continues to unravel, promising further updates on SLED's involvement and potential ramifications for Becky and Jeffrey Hill.

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